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My Story

I started this journey into self awareness when I was the owner of a Doggie Daycare.  While I loved dog training, behavior modification and business management, I found at the end of each day I was unhappy.  I was living the perceived dream life:  I had my own business; financial security as owner of 2 properties; dating a great guy.  Yet I was depressed and losing my vitality.  I decided to find a way to be happier.  I realized the dream I wanted wasn't about happiness but about confidence; blissful confidence to be exact. 

I signed up to jet across the country once a month to attend the University of Santa Monica in pursuit of a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology.  I wasn't planning on leaving the dog behavior industry, but the universe had other plans for me.

Fast forward, I obtained my certifications in Human Design, Emotion Code, Body Code, Sound Healing, Crystal Heart Wellness,  Animal Communication, Life Coaching, German Healing Knowledge and Law of Attraction.   With all these skills, I began helping people understand the pitfalls they were creating in their own lives.  However,  I can only help those that help themselves.  I, too, had huge resistance to receiving help and helping myself—and I learned to do both. If you are ready to help yourself soar to freedom, I can steer you through your pitfalls, melt the resistance that holds you back, and guide you to into your own version of blissful confidence.   

  • Right Timing Club (yearly)

    Find your like-spirited/hearted/minded cohorts.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Save $222 Dollars
    • Monthly Manifestation Mastery Zoom
    • 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM of every Month
    • Practice Creating Your Dreams
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  • Right Timing Club (Monthly)

    Every month
    Find your like-spirited/hearted/minded cohorts.
    Valid for 12 months+ 30 day free trial
    • Monthly Manifestation Mastery Zoom
    • 1st Tuesday 7:00 PM every Month
    • Practice Creating Your Dreams
    • Human Design Review
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Coaching With Brenda

When asked what I do, this describes it best:

I use my gift of insight, Human Design, Spiritual Psychology, and German Healing Knowledge to help you understand your overwhelm, depression, pain, and unworthiness. Once you understand your unique journey, I guide you into a sense of safety that allows you to find freedom, blissful confidence, and your value. The pain of self-devaluation is real and physical. Helping you out of that state is my mission. Healing isn't a one-size-fits-all program~ your unique design needs to be considered.

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Text me: 860-796-8098

What is truly needed is a sense of safety

and some integration of information. So, if we were to get on a call, I could tell you how to move forward. I can reveal the secret to help you sustain emotional freedom.


What does it cost...

What are the costs associated with partnering with me? My coaching programs range from $500 to $25,000. While many people focus on discovering the price of coaching, the real question lies in what it's costing you to remain stagnant. What value do you place on your personal growth, transformation, and significant change?

The discovery call comes at no charge. However, neglecting to explore this opportunity could result in wasted time. Time, the most precious resource: it cannot be replenished. How long have you entertained the idea of seeking assistance in your journey toward change? Meaningful transformation demands unwavering dedication. Are you prepared to fully engage in your journey?

Invest a small amount of time, schedule a call, and let's explore the possibilities together.

Be The Exception

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