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Green River Getaway

Authentic Alchemy for Health, Wealth and Happiness

The River...


Here at Green River Getaway, our river provides a unique environment that magically makes your job as a retreat leader easier. The Green River’s distinctive green hue comes from copper sediment. Not only does it add a visual spectacle, but it also possesses natural healing properties. Copper is known for its antimicrobial benefits, and, more importantly, its ability to enhance the power of intention. It’s often used to amplify positive energies and release low-frequency emotions and thoughts. When you couple that with our curated offerings like hot tub, sauna, cold plunges, sound baths, movement classes, meditation, massage, and exceptional cuisine, it creates a transformative experience—the recipe for Authentic Alchemy! 

"Authentic Alchemy" makes it feel like those emotions of sadness, frustration, anger, and bitterness are swept away, and in their place, you find thoughts that align with curiosity, satisfaction, peace, and bliss. 

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We are an 11,000 square foot getaway tucked in the Vermont green mountains in Sandgate, Vermont. The Green River runs thru our property.  Some amazing features include:

  • 14 comfortable en-suite rooms with

    • Robes

    • slippers

    • Hair dryers

    • Shampoo

    • Soap

    • Lotion

    • towels

  • a yoga studio that can fit 16

  • an outdoor yoga pavilion that can fit 25

  • a dining room that can fit 20

  • an industrial kitchen

  • a private spa with infrared sauna and saltwater jacuzzi

  • a large outdoor deck

  • a large, covered pavilion alongside the river

  • 3 sprawling acres ideal for weddings or large gatherings

Call us today at 802-375-1202 to learn more or book your event!


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